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The AT&M Story

ATandM Safaris is a company that was started with the intention of bringing people together to have an amazing experience in the African bush, focusing on time and memories. The intention is to bring people together through safari and the love of good food. The name and inspiration came from a man by the name of Amos Thomas Mkhonto. An unbelievable man who taught the founder all he knows about the natural ways and wonders of the African bush. He was a tracker and had a unique set of skills that date back to the beginning of time, a set of skills that have somewhat fallen away in the modern world. To watch a tracker at work is mesmerizing, it is an ancient art that will leave people in awe.

Thomas and Daniel developed an incredibly special bond in 4 and a half years. They spent almost 8 hours a day, every day, together doing what they loved best, tracking, finding and spending time with wild animals. The two of them also had a special way of connecting with guests and leaving a lasting impression of joy. Thomas and Daniel had many dreams and aspirations for the future and this company. On their final day together before embarking on this journey, Thomas was unfortunately killed in a horror car accident. This was devastating for Thomas’s family, the guiding world, the tracking world and Daniel.


Daniel has named this company after Thomas as he was an incredibly important man in his life and an influence into almost all the knowledge Daniel has today. Through every moment spent in the bush Thomas is remembered through time and memories. There are also profits from this company that go towards the 5 children Thomas has left behind and ensuring that they finish their education.

Thomas gave Daniel a local Shangaan nickname which he called him by. This name was Mangovo, or Slender Mongoose in English. This was the inspiration for the logo of the company and a great reminder of their close relationship.

Through About Time and Memories we aim to show you the greatest experience as Thomas always did and in his memory leave you smiling as there was never a time he wasn't. We would love to show you the true essence of safari and an enjoyable experience. We would love to give you an experience that focuses on the current time and creates many memories just as Daniel and Tom had focused on the here and now and created a lifetime of memories together. Let us take you on an unforgettable journey together, in spirit and through adventure.

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