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This company can take you wherever you want to go. With over 10 years of experience travelling this amazing continent, no place is too remote or wild. We specialise in custom making your experience to whatever you need and want. From Gorilla tracking in Rwanda and Uganda to the great migration through Kenya and Tanzania to the unique Okavango delta safari experience and the exclusive South African safari experience or even primitive walking trails, a really unique way to experience the wilderness. We also specialise in affordable group safaris which may be the most authentic African safari experience on the market. Where the love of food, people, animals and the African wilderness all meet is a place where lasting memories will be made. These experiences are exclusive and private safaris where you and your family or friends can unwind and come together through an unforgettable experience. Allow us to make your dream trip come true and experience this amazing continent.

About AT&M Safaris

The man with the plan Dan

Daniel developed a love for the African bush at a young age. This love developed into a lifestyle which he wants to share. He was born in Johannesburg but spent many years on a family farm in the Eastern Cape connecting with the outdoors where his feet were firmly rooted in the ground. He was schooled in the bustling city of Johannesburg but knew this was not the life for him. After school he spent a few months working and traveling overseas, it was a kind of venture to see what else was out there. He then finished the year off overlanding from Johannesburg to Kenya with a few friends. This trip, was somewhat of a life changing trip and created a passion for the continent, its people and its wildlife that continues to grow. 
Daniel went on to study at the University of Cape Town, finishing a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. He then did a Post Graduate Diploma in Education and is qualified to  teach Mathematics and Economics to high school children. While studying in Cape Town his passion for the continent grew, doing many trips through Africa. Driving wherever he could whenever he could. Trips through Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia and Mozambique. Even hitchhiking through Mozambique for several weeks at one stage. He knew that once he had finished his studies the bush was somewhere that he needed to focus his energy.
Daniel then approached a world renowned safari and travel company, andBeyond, where he jumped into the deep end and started his guiding career. He was based and developed his guiding skills at Ngala Private Game Reserve where he was able to gain the skill of giving an amazing guest experience. He also guided at some of the other andBeyond properties, developing his knowledge and desire to explore, including Kirkmans Kamp and Phinda Private Game Reserve. He has also spent some time freelancing for other companies including Thornybush Private Game Reserve. 
Daniel knew this lifestyle suited him and wanted to remain within the industry and the environment, he also wanted to create more of a career through it. He has decided to expand on his passion and wants to create experiences throughout the continent where people will fall in love with safari and this continent just as he has. He has a desire to show people his wildlife passion and influence them through his knowledge.

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